Manufacturer Computime
Brand Hive
Network ZigBee
Type of Device Door Sensor
Comments w/ Temperature & Luminance

Hive Door Sensor

The Hive Door Sensor, from Hive, is a ZigBee Door Sensor. with Temperature & Luminance

The ability to control the Heating / Cooling of a home is a very important feature of any Control System. One of the key benefits of the Hive Door Sensor is that it helps you schedule and control the temperature of your home, even down to individual rooms.

The Hive Door Sensor can measure the temperature of any room, depending on where you have positioned the Door Sensor. By sending the current temperature of the locale, the Hive Door Sensor keeps the Control System informed about the current status. By recording this information, the Control System is able to create a profile of the temperature fluctuations in your home, including the time taken to heat the room, and for it to cool.

The Control System and the Hive Door Sensor, together with the historical temperature data makes it easy to accurately manage the heating in your home. When used in conjunction with the external weather conditions, the heating schedule can adapt automatically to the Heating / Cooling pattern, including down to individual room level, to retain the correct temperature for a comfortable environment. If the outside temperature changes suddenly, then the Contol System can make an intelligent decision to increase or decrease the heating to reflect the external conditions.

The Hive Door Sensor allows the Control System to moniter activity within your home, both as a Security Aid, and more generally within the home, such as triggering an alarm during certain times of the day, or by contolling other devices when specific activities are detected by the Hive Door Sensor

The Hive Door Sensor, when attached to a Door or a Window of your home, will immediately notify the Contol System when the door or window has been opened. Not only can it be used to simply trigger the lights to turn on when a door opens, but can be used as part of a home security system.

Another feature of the Hive Door Sensor is that it allows the Control System to manage the environment of your home, or even your greenhouse.

The light levels of the environment in which the Hive Door Sensor is located are sent to the Control System. Using this data, the Control System can dynamically control different lights in your home to always ensure that there is sufficient light available.

The Hive Door Sensor can also be used to detect sunrise and sunset. Rather than using data from an external service, the Control System can rely on data from the luminance sensor to both detect, and by using historical data, predict the sunrise and sunset times for your own home.

An important aspect of any Control System is the power used within the home as a whole, and by individual devices.

The Hive Door Sensor is battery operated device. By sending the battery information to the Control System, the Hive Door Sensor battery state can be monitored automatically. When necessary, the Control System will predict and notify you, ahead-of-time, when the battery in the device will need to be changed.

User Comments

Would benefit from having a tamper notification.

Andrew Scott 28/05/2018