The most advanced and user-friendly solution for anyone looking to automate their home. Easy to use, and quick and easy to set up and maintain.

Everyday users have just the level of access and control that they want, and without being exposed to the technicalities. Those looking to maintain the system are provided with all the tools they need. For the benefit of all, the system is designed to provide maximum reliability and availability above all else.

The system uses standard off-the-shelf components. This includes the hub, which is based on a Raspberry Pi, and all of the smart devices, including sensors, plugs, cameras, etc. Being manufactured in very large volumes, these components have a much higher reliability and lower cost than the more specialized components, which are manufactured in much smaller volumes.

Benefits in the home

  • Smarter and easier to control lighting
  • Set lighting to suit your mood
  • Better control over energy usage
  • More effective security system
  • Smarter heating, ventilation and air conditioning
  • Whole home monitoring
  • Increased comfort and convenience
  • Equivalent to a TV remote control for the entire home

Remote Care

  • Remote monitoring of the health and wellbeing of loved ones
  • Being alerted to any unexpected events
  • Detecting falls, strokes, confused behavior, etc.

"I have been a hard core Home Automation user since the late 1970's. I've used most systems out there. Not all. This is by far the most powerful... if you can think of it, you could do it."

Local & Private

  • 100% local operation with no Cloud dependency
  • Everything stored & processed within your home
  • Connect mobile or tablet locally via your home WiFi

Fast & Responsive

  • High performance Raspberry Pi hub
  • Uses only 15% of processing capability
  • Uses less than 50% of on-board memory capacity

System Security

  • Extensive use of highly secure protocols
  • Strong user authentication
  • Protection against rogue device attachment
  • All access from the Cloud is blocked
  • Optional connection to the Cloud, under local control

User Interface

  • 100% web browser based
  • Can use any modern web browser running on any device
  • Accessed just like a website, both locally and remotely
  • No need to download from Apple App Store or Google Play
  • Employs website responsive design technology
  • Automatically adjusts content to suit device being used
  • All local connections via home WiFi
  • All remote connections via secure Cloud Console