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You can choose to buy an assembled Raspberry Pi that will be delivered with the software or simply download the software and assemble the Raspberry Pi yourself.

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Download the Control System Software

You can download the Control System Software, copy it to a SD Card, and assemble a Raspberry Pi yourself.

Please to check the equipment you will need.

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Choose Your Network Configuration

Select a setup that meets your requirements

Choose the Network Configuration to suit your requirements. Please note, if you decide to extend the configuration in the future you can add a new USB network adapter to extend your Control System.

If you intend to use the earlier 1st Generation Iris devices, as well as the more modern Home Automation compatible devices, which includes the 2nd and 3rd Generation Iris devices, then you will need two of the Digi XStick XU-Z11 adapters.

Digi XStick XU-Z11 USB ZigBee network adapter

Digi XStick XU-Z11
USB ZigBee network adapter

Aeotec ZStick Gen5 USB Z-Wave netwrok adapter

Aeotec ZStick Gen5
USB Z-Wave network adapter