Several levels of support are provided, ranging from the availability of online documents and videos, through a closed forum and social media, to support tickets, and the remote access of user’s systems for local diagnostic purposes.

Online Documentation and Videos

  • Documentation area on the main website
  • Accessible by registered users
  • Includes online documents and videos
  • Content continues to be added and updated
  • Complete version history is included

Community Forum

  • Provided specifically for registered user
  • Views and comments are exchanged amongst users
  • Enables users to report specific issues of common interest
  • Includes resolution of issues and responses to issues raised by users
  • Provide updates on latest system improvements and additions
  • Enables new users to be provided with advice and guidance
  • Unmediated, so users are free to express any view

"These guys know what they are doing, AND they don't have to wait for any red tape, they just have solutions DONE when we wake up the very next morning."

Support Tickets

  • Users can report specific issues
  • Response is normally by email

Social Media

  • Enables users to report specific issues
  • Provide updates on latest system improvements and additions

Remote Access

  • Accessing a user’s system remotely is often quickest way to resolve issues
  • Occurred extensively during early system introduction
  • Level is now substantially lower, but still ongoing
  • Requires authorization by user to protect their privacy