Your Next Home Automation System

Would you like the freedom to choose any smart home device from any manufacturer? A secure smart home control system that operates independently from the Internet, keeping your data safely within your home.

We have been building a complete solution, including the control system within the home, and the supporting cloud-based services. The solution has been built from the ground up, and the last stages have been the user interface and this website explaining all of the features.

Most of the system is in place, is fully functional, and has been tested in real environments for the last 12 months. We are now focusing totally on its release.

Previous visitors will know that we have a control system capable of handling Iris devices, including both 1st and 2nd Generation ZigBee devices, Z-Wave devices, and WiFi devices.

Following the announcement that Iris will close down at the end of March, we revised the plans.

Gamma Stage – Pre Release

Following the Beta testing, we have now started the next stage in the introduction of the new system. This is known as the Gamma Stage.

This intended to give participants the benefit of using more than 95% of the devices they were used in the Iris system. At the same time, they can also influence the design of the Control System, prior to it being made generally available.

To give you a measure of the advances that have been made during the Beta testing, several Beta testers have very large, and fully functional, systems. For example, one user has a total of 156 devices, including 53 1st Generation Iris devices, 25 2nd Generation Iris devices, 62 Z-Wave devices, and 16 other devices. Another user, who only uses 1st Generation Iris devices, has 86 of them.

We are continuing to add further devices, and to improve operation and performance of the system, as well as adding new features. Z-Wave door locks and WiFi cameras are now being added to the system. Throughout the Beta testing, the control system has been controlled locally, via the home WiFi. The next stage includes the addition of remote access, and voice command systems, such as with Alexa.

Up to now, we have only been approaching those of you who were Iris users, and have expressed a particular interest in using the new Control System. We have a phased introduction over the next few weeks, and the first group started to install and use their system on the 16th April.

Although we will be placing a limit the total number of Gamma users, if you are interested in participating, then please register on this website, unless you have done so already.

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